Planning your dream wedding painting has never been easier! Our goal is to guide you through every step of the process, from picking the perfect canvas size for your home to choosing a painting style that fits your unique taste. We ensure that your experience with us is smooth and enjoyable from start to finish. Together, we will create a wedding painting that commemorates your special day forever.

There are so many questions that you may have about live event wedding painting, and we would love to speak with you and help you find answers. Here are some topics to consider in the process of booking your wedding artist.

the process

 Artist Personalities

Maura considers it a special privilege to be a wedding painter. She loves the excitement, nostalgia, and joy of every couple’s wedding celebration. While painting, she enjoys chatting with guests and family, listening to the party music, and admiring the beautiful venue and decorations. Sharing in the wedding celebration gives Maura a peek into the lives of her subjects, helping her paint a masterpiece they will cherish.

Laura believes her artistic gift was given to her to bless others through her art and creativity. Laura welcomes interaction and questions from the couple and guests during the painting process. She enjoys singing and dancing along with the band while painting. Laura particularly loves when children come to watch her paint and sometimes gives them painting lessons.

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Artist Laura Herndon

Artist Maura Herndon

Laura's Painting Style

maura's Painting Style

Laura is a versatile painter who can work in various styles, including abstract realism, Impressionism, and realism. In her abstract realism style, Laura paints a abstracted background and then she captures that special moment between the bride and groom. Laura is also inspired by French impressionist painters like Van Gogh, Monet, and Degas, who used color and brushstrokes to evoke emotions and appeal to the senses. She can also create realistic paintings that offer a precise depiction of the scene. Regardless of the style, all of Laura's wedding paintings focus solely on the couple.

Maura is a gifted artist whose style is characterized by bright and rich colors. She has a unique approach to painting that captures the essence of romantic yet candid moments. The bride and groom shine as the stars of the masterpiece. Maura also loves to paint unique elements of the wedding day, such as florals, classic getaway cars, and architecture. These elements add visual interest and enhance the personal memories evoked by the piece. 

Painting Style

Booking and Availability

The first step in the booking process is to complete the client intake form to see if Laura or Maura are available for your wedding date. In the case that they are both unavailable, consider an In-Studio Wedding Painting Commission. Laura and Maura can paint from professional photographs as references after the wedding has taken place, if painting live at the event is not an option. 

Live Event Wedding Painting Investment

Each couple has their own individual style and preferences when it comes to their wedding day, so each wedding painting is created with that in mind. As professional commission artists, Laura and Maura specialize in working closely with you and your fiancé. This ensures that your wedding painting is customized to be a cherished piece of art in your home.  

A painting says “forever” in such a unique way. It is our hope that your wedding painting will remind you of your love and commitment to each other for a lifetime.  Live wedding painting pricing varies based on canvas size, the time frame, and the skill level of the wedding artist. Our prices start at $1800.

You want your wedding painting to be a cherished heirloom that has a special place in your home. It will remind you of the commitment and love that you had and will continue to have for each other. Your artist will create a timeless masterpiece with both aesthetic beauty and personal significance.

If this experience is what you are looking for, Impressionist Live Wedding Painting and Fine Art is a perfect fit for you. 

Kind Words From Happy Clients

"Thank you so much for providing such a keepsake gift for my daughter on one of her most important and happiest days of her life!  You are simply the best and very talented."

Blessings, Maxine H.

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Painting moments that last forever

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