How much does a live wedding painting cost?

The cost of hiring Laura Herndon, artist in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, starts at $2200.  Hiring Maura Herndon, artist in Northeast Texas near Tyler, as your Live event wedding artist will start at $1600. Each artist has their own years of experience and different canvas sizes and painting options.  Their costs includes all of the supplies need to create the painting, size of canvas, the artist's years of live wedding painting experience, skill in technique in speed painting, extra finishing details done in studio, and amazing artwork that is customized according to your wedding . Shipping and packing costs as well as travel costs, are not included.  Contact us to set up your free consultation and we can send you a custom quote based on your needs.

Can you add extra people to the wedding painting and how much will it cost?

We prefer to do wedding paintings with a focus only on the couple, but we are open to painting more people into the scene. Tell us your ideas about adding people to your painting and we can give you a custom quote.

How much is it to get an in-studio, after the wedding, painting done?

If we are not able to come paint live at your wedding, we would still love to create a custom painting for you based off of professional photos taken at your wedding and used for reference. This is what is called a commissioned work of art.  Prices range from $800-$5000. Please fill out the custom commission form to get more information based on size and time to paint.

How much of a retainer deposit is required to book a live wedding painter?

We require a deposit retainer payment of $500. This payment is part of the total, not in addition to the total. The remaining balance may be paid in a standard schedule of three (3) payments (the first deposit of $500 due upon completion of the contract, one due halfway between booking and the wedding, and the last payment due 1 week before the wedding) or payments can be split into smaller, more frequent payments. I will work with you on a payment schedule that works for you.

Live Painting Pricing and Frequently Asked Questions:

The answer is: that it varies greatly depending on the skill level of the wedding artists, the size of canvas and painting detail, the location, and the time it takes to complete the painting.

Live Wedding Artists are specifically gifted in painting at a high level of professionalism. They must paint under immense pressure, with a constantly changing aesthetic and atmosphere, while representing their artistry and efficiency in front of an audience. The wedding paintings that are created are a glimpse into the heart and soul of their artistic style and level of skill. Thus, the paintings are accordingly valued.

A Live Wedding Painting is a great source of entertainment for the wedding guests, but it is also a unique commemorative artwork that forever immortalizes the celebration of the wedding day. Couples who have made the wedding painting investment will agree that they are so happy they did!

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How much does a live wedding painting cost?

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Live Event Wedding Painting Investment

Painting moments that last forever

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